The Spiritual Genome by Bradley York Bartholomew

Bradley York Bartholomew’s book The Spiritual Genome brings to the forefront the theory of a networked intelligence in the DNA. He clearly outlines this theory that the DNA of all living creatures (including plants) is connected in the quantum substratum, and that it is this networked intelligence which constitutes the essential oneness from which springs all of the diversity of life that we see around us.

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The President Who is Beyond Good and Evil: A Nietzschean Pantomime

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Abstract: This paper draws many parallels between Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle and the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche particularly Beyond Good and Evil and Thus Spake Zarathustra in anticipating and predicting the rise of the Superman, the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump. Debord identified the spectacle as ‘The moment when the commodity has achieved the total occupation of life.’ What Debord didn’t foresee is the rise of Donald J. Trump which Nietzsche would describe as the ‘noontide’ or transcendence of the society of the spectacle, and indeed the eternal recurrence of the society of the spectacle. The spectacle is capable of regenerating itself in perpetuity through the essential slogan in Trumpism – make America great again! Nietzsche prophesizes that nihilism will be turned into the new religion where he predicts the rise of the Superman. Here it will be argued that Donald J. Trump is the nominal head of this new religion and may therefore be identified as the Anti-Christ.

Key words: Nietzsche, Debord, Spectacle, Anti-Christ, Superman, Donald J. Trump, nihilism, Zarathustra.

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Abstract: In his lifetime Franz Anton Mesmer was branded a charlatan by the scientific community on account of his claim of being able to cure many sickness and medical problems through animal magnetism. Notwithstanding this, although his specific claim to possess the power of animal magnetism has been discounted, his methods have had a vast influence in every branch of mental healing and spiritual healing and healing thru hypnotism as well as New Age techniques that involve not only “the power of suggestion” but also the physical “laying on of hands.” This article reviews Mesmer’s techniques, and gives a broad overview of all the other branches of mental and spiritual healing where his methods are still used in one way or another, and presents recent scientific research that completely vindicates Mesmer’s original claim to possess the power of being able to manipulate the “magnetic fluid” in the living organism. It is now known from radiogenetics that the ferritin in our bodies can be manipulated not only by electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) but also by magnetic fields.

Keywords: Mesmer, Brain Waves, Radiogenetics, Spiritualism, Hypnotism, Electroencephalography, Animal Magnetism, Radiowaves.

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“The author intends to donate 90% of the income he makes from the sale of this book to charities financing the
establishment of Family Planning and Birth Control Clinics throughout the developing world.”