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DNA as a Quantum Computer


Our Unconscious Soul: A re-look at Aristotle Descartes & The Upanishads

Perambulation (Part 1)

Part 1 - Biophotons

There are many theories that relate the natural frequencies in the body to our state of well-being and general health.


Part 2 - DNA as a quantum computer

DNA acting as a quantum computer to process the probability states of the electrons when the DNA molecule is in an excited state.

Part 3 - Memristors 

The name memristor has been coined from ‘memory’ and ‘resistor.
In a study announced in the prestigious science journal, Nature, researchers with Hewlett-Packard reported that they have built a memristor capable of performing Boolean algebra operations.


Part 4 - Morphogenic Resonance

All species and natural systems of all kinds have evolved the way they are because of a collective memory.

Part 5 - Networked Intelligence

Essentially the networked intelligence is a hypercommunication of information in the DNA that constitutes a substratum beneath the physical world.