Bradley York Bartholomew’s book The Spiritual Genome brings to the forefront the theory of a networked intelligence in the DNA. He clearly outlines this theory that the DNA of all living creatures (including plants) is connected in the quantum substratum, and that it is this networked intelligence which constitutes the essential oneness from which springs all the diversity of life that we see around us. Bradley Bartholomew’s book illustrates that this networked intelligence is governed by a level of computer processing declared as the ultimate source of life. This he says is demonstrated in how memristors in the DNA enable the storing of data, which has a direct bearing on such widely held beliefs about past lives and reincarnation. The Author cohesively explains how the DNA can act as a universal quantum computer with sufficient processing power to potentially enable the generation of the entire universe.

The Spiritual Genome explores how DNA acting as a universal quantum computer is foreshadowed in the Hindu Upansishads written more than 2500 years ago. The Upanishads are interpreted using state of the art neuroscience as well as Quantum Mechanics. This is said to not only enable the precise location of the Inner Self, but also demonstrates that what we experience through our five senses is capable of being generated from within. It can also be generated through a Quantum Mechanical interpretation of Maya; the ancient Hindu doctrine of the illusory nature of all things. In the words of Brad Bartholomew the Author, “We find that all this "diversity" that we see around us is in fact a virtual reality nested in the networked intelligence”.