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An abstract of a poster presentation at the 62nd Annual Convention of Parapsychological Association in Paris on 4-6th July, 2019.


Bradley York Bartholomew

Independent Researcher, France


In his lifetime Franz Anton Mesmer was branded a charlatan by the scientific community on account of his claim of being able to cure many maladies and medical problems through animal magnetism. Notwithstanding this, although his specific claim to possess the power of animal magnetism has been discounted, his methods have had a vast influence in every branch of mental healing and spiritual healing and healing through hypnotism, as well as  New Age techniques that involve not only “the power of suggestion” but also the physical “laying on of hands.” The list of actual movements that have adopted Mesmer’s techniques include eclecticism, phrenology, Spiritualism, mind cure, Christian Science, homeopathy, transcendentalism, New Thought, Theosophy, psychoanalysis, osteopathy, chiropractic, anthroposophy, holistic health, positive thinking, New Age healing, hypnotism, biophysics, biomagnetism, magnetobiology and psychiatry. This article reviews Mesmer’s techniques, and gives a broad overview of all the other branches of mental and spiritual healing where his methods are still used in one way or another, and presents recent scientific research that completely vindicates Mesmer’s original claim to possess the power of being able to manipulate the “magnetic fluid” in the living organism. In a research article in Nature Genetics entitled Remote Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis Using Genetically Encoded Nanoparticles (2014) it has been found using techniques in radiogenetics that the ferritin in our bodies  (a paramagnetic material) can be manipulated not only by low-frequency electromagnetic waves (radio waves) but also by magnetic fields. Brain waves are also low-frequency electromagnetic waves, and as it is well known that the brain waves of a healer/hypnotist become synchronized with that of the patient, it is proposed that brain waves play a part in what Mesmer originally called animal magnetism.


A handout at the convention:

Latest Research in Radiogenetics

In 2014, a research paper was published in Nature Genetics which launched a new direction in optogenetics which is known as radiogenetics (Stanley, Sauer, Kane, Dordick & Friedman, 2014). Radiogenetics will make it possible to remotely control biological targets in living animals without wires, implants, or drugs. A research team at Rockefeller University used electromagnetic waves to turn on insulin production to lower blood sugar in diabetic mice. A naturally occurring iron storage particle in the body, ferritin, when exposed to a radiowave or a magnetic field can activate an ion channel called TRPVI which in turn leads to the activation of an insulin producing gene. These two proteins, ferritin, and TRPVI acting together as a nano-machine can be used to trigger gene expression in vivo. And it is all done by radiowaves.

“The method allows one to wirelessly control the expression of genes in a living animal and could potentially be used for conditions like hemophilia to control the production of a missing protein. Two key attributes are that the system is genetically encoded and can activate cells remotely and quickly,” says Jeffrey Friedman, Marilyn M. Simpson Professor head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at Rockefeller University. “We are now exploring whether the method can also be used to control neural activity as a means for noninvasively modulating the activity of neural circuits (“Radio genetics seeks to remotely control cells and genes,” 2014).

Radiogenetics is being heralded as being more effective than other systems in optogenetics that simply use light as the on/off switch which tend to be only effective near the skin and require permanent implants. Originally the researchers used low-frequency radio waves which heat or move the ferritin particles and the TRPVI which is situated in the membrane surrounding the cell opens up a channel allowing calcium ions to flow through and activate a piece of synthetic DNA implanted upstream to the gene they want to turn on. In this case, it was the gene that synthesizes the protein insulin, but it seems that in this way they can activate any gene of interest (“Radio genetics seeks to remotely control cells and genes,” 2014).

Interestingly the researchers were able to achieve the same result by manipulating the ferritin with a magnetic field, which obviously recalls the theories of Franz Mesmer in the 18th century about animal magnetism and the magnetic cure. It could well be the case that a hypnotist is able to channel his/her brain waves which are ELF radio waves to manipulate the ferritin in the cells and genes of his/her subjects. Mesmer himself stated that the magnets were immaterial to his treatment and what was essential was his state of mind towards the patient. He was willing the patient to be healed and there is a reasonable amount of authority for the proposition that the brainwaves (ELF radiowaves) of healer and patient become synchronized (Fahrion, et al., 1992)(Cade & Coxhead, 1996). Indeed one-on-one interlocution or close contact in general seems to have a mutual effect on the brain waves of the participants (Pérez et al., 2017)(Diego et al.,2004)(Mohr et al., 2017)(Rozenkrantz et al., 2017). I stress that this new research used low-frequency radio waves and that is precisely what brainwaves are, and that they apparently act in exactly the same way as a magnetic field.

“The use of a radiofrequency-driven magnetic field is a big advance in remote gene expression because it is non-invasive and easily adaptable,” says Johnathan Dordick, who is Howard P. Isermann, professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and vice president of research at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

You don’t have to insert anything—no wires, no light systems—the genes are introduced through gene therapy. You could have a wearable device that provides a magnetic field to certain parts of the body and it might be used therapeutically for many diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases. It’s limitless at this point (“Radio genetics seeks to remotely control cells and genes,” 2014).

“In this current study, we’ve shown that by opening the TRPV1 channel to allow calcium ions to enter the cell, we can turn on a gene. Since neurons can be depolarized by calcium and other positively charged ions, such as those the TRPV1 channel controls, we hope that this system may be effective at regulating neural activity,” says co-first author Sarah Stanley, a senior research associate in Friedman’s lab (“Radio genetics seeks to remotely control cells and genes,” 2014).

It is well settled that the ferritin protein is widely expressed in the brain (Han, Day, Connor & Beard, 2002). And a whole new area of genetic engineering is being developed called 'magnetogenetics' specifically concerned with targeting ferritin in the dopamine pathway of the brain in order to remotely control and influence specific behavioral patterns (Wheeler, Smith, Ottolini, Barker, Purohit, Grippo, Gaykema, Spano, Beenhakker, Kucenas, Patel, Deppmann, & Güler, 2016). In an unrelated area of research it has been found that low frequency (RF) radio waves affect the expression of the c-Fos protooncogene in the brain (Jorge-Mora, Misa-Agustiño, Rodríguez-González, Jorge-Barreiro, Ares-Pena & López-Martín, 2011).

Suggested Experiments

Bearing in mind that we are here dealing with supranormal phenomena so any effects, if they are found at all, will be extremely subtle, it should be possible to monitor the brain waves of persons exposed to magnets and low frequency radio waves and compare them with the brain waves of hypnotized people in the presence of their therapist, and ‘brainwashed’ followers in the presence of their cult leader or spiritual leader.  Also Penrose-Hameroff Orch-OR theory states ‘Microtubule quantum vibrations (e.g. in megahertz) appear to interfere and produce much slower EEG "beat frequencies”.’ Microtubules are actually nanotubes and they have a positive and negative end which means there is a potential difference and the highly ionized water in the core of the microtubule will conduct electricity, and will display nanotechnology quantum effects (resonance). A nanotube conducting electricity will transmit and receive radio waves (EEG rhythm). Essentially this means that the brain is a sophisticated electronic device, and consciousness is generated by electronics and is essentially the same as what happens when the screen lights up on your mobile phone. This explains how the brain waves of healer/hypnotist and patient become synchronized. Essentially the brains of all living creatures are connected at the cellular and genetic level via brain waves (ELF radiowaves) just like all wirelessly connected electronic devices. Mesmer's animal magnetism is no different from what happens when you wave your credit card over a wireless payment device.


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Posted in the Facebook group Rupert Sheldrake on 31 May, 2019.

Hi I'm a new member to this group. I have got something to share with you relating to Rupert's thesis of the science delusion. You will be aware of LIGO that discovered gravitational waves a few years ago. They do this by sampling starlight and whenever they detect a 'wobble' in starlight they interpret this as gravitational waves caused by a massive collision somewhere near this star. They have recently made their measuring instruments more sensitive and they are now detecting around two blackhole collisions a month. They tell us they are sampling 650 million light years. Even if they were to continue to detect 12 blackhole collisions a year for the next 650 million years of light sampled that would mean that there are (650M x 12 x 2) 15 billion blackholes near us. But don't be alarmed. I got a feeling this is an obvious example of the Don's fake science. The truth (an unusual concept these days) is that the wobble in starlight is caused by light bending around random passing massive objects - asteroids, planets, comets etc.

trump and blackhole

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For a long while we have been told that humans mated with Neanderthals. Then we were told that humans mated with another type of ‘hominid’ called Denisovan. A recent article in New Scientist now tells us that a further type of hominid has now shown up in human DNA that has been labeled ‘Neandersovan’. These other hominds have all disappeared but small percentages of their DNA now shows up in the human genome. So I wrote to this guy who came up with this latest finding about Neandersovans. It was all becoming a bit too unbelievable for me – especially the fact that all these hominids have disappeared off the face of the Earth without any explanation.

My email to him:


I caught your article about the Neandersovans. I was wondering if you could help me with something. Lately there has been a spate of articles how humans mated with Neanderthals and Denisovans and now with hominids called Neandersovans.

Yet we are told that there is only a 1-2% difference in DNA sequence between human and chimpanzee.

So doesn't that mean that this DNA from all these hominids should be showing up in the DNA of the chimpanzee as well?


His reply:

I can see how you might think that. It's confusing but true that modern Eurasians got about 2% of their DNA from Neanderthals, and also that humans differ from chimps at 1-2% of nucleotide sites. Yet this doesn't imply that we should find Neanderthal DNA in chimps.

The two percentages are not really comparable. It's true that perhaps 2% of my DNA came from a from Neanderthal ancestor. But at the vast majority of those Neanderthal-derived nucleotide sites, humans and Neanderthals are identical.  Humans and Neanderthals are also identical at the vast majority of the nucleotide sites that I did *not* inherit from a Neanderthal. So humans are much more similar to Neanderthals than they are to chimps.

Humans have been separate from chimps about 10 times as long as they have been separate from Neanderthals. And even the shorter separation from Neanderthals was long enough to make interbreeding hard. It's unlikely that there could be interbreeding between humans and chimps.



My response to him:

Hi Alan

“Humans and Neanderthals are also identical at the vast majority of the nucleotide sites that I did *not* inherit from a Neanderthal. So humans are much more similar to Neanderthals than they are to chimps.”

With respect I can't help feeling there's a flaw in your logic here cos the vast majority of sites that were not inherited from Neanderthal must have come from the common ancestor of human, Neanderthal and chimp. The orthodox view is that human and Pan branched off 6 million years ago so all the nucleotide sites we didn't inherit from Neanderthal must have come from the common ancestor that lived millions of years before that.

Modern humans are said to have migrated out of Africa about 2 million years ago and the conventional story is that humans mated with Neanderthals about 100K years ago and Denisovans about 50K.

We are told that there is 1-2% difference in DNA sequence between human and chimp, and as the chimp only inhabits parts of Africa, the only way this can be logically feasible is to assume that before the Neanderthals and other hominids and then the humans started to migrate from Africa the genomes of human, Neanderthal and chimp, and any other hominids as well, were identical. 

A better story for the evolution of man doesn't require a missing link. A common ancestor simply evolved into humans, Neanderthals and other hominids, and chimps. You don't even need all that natural selection of adaptive phenotypes stuff. Especially as all of them at the molecular level are even more similar than sibling species. More like identical quadruplets. 

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cell site mobile phones

In an earlier blog “Oncogenes responsible for species differentiation” it was shown that oncogenes seem to play a prominent role in embryogenesis and also in cancer cases. Also oncogenes seem to be involved in excessive electrical activity in cells.

The evidence is mounting that overhead power lines can cause cancers, especially in children because they are more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation. The official view is that there is no risk to children living more than 50 meters from high voltage power lines.

Childhood leukaemia and distance from power lines in California: a population-based case-control study

Again the official view is that living close to cell phone towers does not cause cancer. For instance the American Cancer Society says:

Cell phones communicate with nearby cell towers mainly through radiofrequency (RF) waves, a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum between FM radio waves and microwaves. Like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and heat, they are forms of non-ionizing radiation. This means they do not directly damage the DNA inside cells, which is how stronger (ionizing) types of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet (UV) light are thought to be able to cause cancer.

So what are we to make of the following news report from CBS Sacramento Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer

Maybe the American Cancer Society should take a look at the following research paper which found that the PVF of the hypothalamus is sensitive to radiofrequency radiation. The c-Fos protein is synthesized from the Fos Proto-Oncogene. That means that it is responsible for normal cell proliferation. Radiofrequency radiation changed the expression of the c-Fos protein which would have to raise the question whether it could cause the uncontrolled cell proliferation involved in cancer cases.

The Effects of Single and Repeated Exposure to 2.45 GHz Radiofrequency Fields on c-Fos Protein Expression in the Paraventricular Nucleus of Rat Hypothalamus


Coincidentally comes this report from the little town of Sainte-Pazanne near Nantes in France. Pediatric cancers in Sainte-Pazanne: three new confirmed cases and new reports It seems there have been 12 cases of pediatric cancers (mostly leukemia) in Sainte-Pazanne and surrounding areas and the residents have no idea what is causing it. Some speculate the power lines, some speculate pesticides may be the cause because Sainte-Pazanne is in an agricultural area. It turns out that numerous pesticides affect Fos proto-oncogene expression as well.

Effect of dimethoate on the expression of c-fos gene in skeletal muscle

Dioxin Induces Expression of c-fos and c-jun Proto-Oncogenes and a Large Increase in Transcription Factor AP-1

Atrazine potentiation of arsenic trioxide-induced cytotoxicity and gene expression in human liver carcinoma cells (HepG2)

Hexachlorobenzene-Induced Early Changes in Ornithine Decarboxylase and Protein Tyrosine Kinase Activities, Polyamines and c-Myc, c-Fos and c-Jun Proto-Oncogenes in Rat Liver

Effect of different convulsants on calmodulin levels and proto-oncogene c-fos expression in the central nervous system

Effect of gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane and its isomers on proto-oncogene c-fos expression in brain.

c-fos and ornithine decarboxylase gene expression in brain as early markers of neurotoxicity

Anticonvulsant activity of calmodulin antagonist W-7 in convulsions induced by lindane and BayK-8644: effects in c-fos expression.

Use of c‐Src and c‐Fos knockout mice for the studies on the role of c‐Src kinase signaling in the expression of toxicity of TCD

C-fos mRNA Induction in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems of Diisopropyl Phosphorofluoridate (DFP)-Treated Hens

Peripheral ChE Inhibition Modulates Brain Monoamines Levels and c-fos Oncogene in Mice Subjected to a Stress Situation


It seems that cigarette smoke also affects the expression of Fos proto-oncogene and other proto-oncogenes. Is it possible that all these children in Sainte Pazanne who have developed pediatric cancer all live in households with heavy smokers, or their mother was a heavy smoker while they were a fetus in her womb?!

Expression of c-fos in Quiescent Swiss 3T3 Cells Exposed to Aqueous Cigarette Smoke Fractions

Effects of Cadmium on Hepatocellular DNA Damage, Proto-Oncogene Expression and Apoptosis in Rats

A Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase-regulated Akt-Independent Signaling Promotes Cigarette Smoke-induced FRA-1 Expression


Acute effects of nicotine on restraint stress-induced anxiety-like behavior, c-Fos expression, and corticosterone release in mice


The Fos family of transcription factors and their role in tumourigenesis

FRA-1 Proto-Oncogene Induces Lung Epithelial Cell Invasion and Anchorage-Independent Growth In vitro, but Is Insufficient to Promote Tumor Growth In vivo

Induction of the c-jun proto-oncogene by a protein kinase c-dependent mechanism during exposure of human epidermal keratinocytes to ethanol

Progressive rise of c fos expression from premalignant to malignant lesions of oral cavity

Early atherosclerotic lesions in infancy: role of parental cigarette smoking

Downregulation of microRNA expression in the lungs of rats exposed to cigarette smoke

Cryptic brain cell injury caused by fetal nicotine exposure is associated with persistent elevations of c-fos protooncogene expression


There is not a great deal of data about electronic cigarettes but it is reasonable certain that they are just as carcinogenic as passive smoking and affect expression of Fos proto-oncogene.

Acute effects of nicotine on restraint stress-induced anxiety-like behavior, c-Fos expression, and corticosterone release in mice

Regulation of Sox2 and stemness by nicotine and electronic-cigarettes in non-small cell lung cancer

Cigarette sidestream smoke induces histone H3 phosphorylation via JNK and PI3K/Akt pathways, leading to the expression of proto-oncogenes


There is a reasonable amount of data to convince that MRI scans themselves actually affect the expression of Fos proto-oncogene and other proto-oncogenes. There appears to be no research data where MRI scan was done on a healthy brain and then tests made to see if it has affected proto-oncogene expression, but there is enough data that indicates that expression of proto-oncogenes are correlated with MRI scans.  Don’t have too many of them!!! In fact I personally know of a sculptor in Paris who went to London and had his entire body scanned with MRI in order to make of his body a work of art. He called his creation Anthopomorphic Man. He was dead from leukemia within ten years.

Expression of pituitary tumour transforming gene (PTTG) and fibroblast growth factor‐2 (FGF‐2) in human pituitary adenomas: relationships to clinical tumour behaviour

Specific Gene-Expression Profiles of Noncancerous Liver Tissue Predict the Risk for Multicentric Occurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hepatitis C Virus–Positive Patients

Metastatic Prolactinoma: Effect of Octreotide, Cabergoline, Carboplatin and Etoposide; Immunocytochemical Analysis of Proto-Oncogene Expression

Transient MRI-detected water apparent diffusion coefficient reduction correlates with c-fos mRNA but not hsp70 mRNA induction during focal cerebral ischemia in rats

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 106398636 mediaitem106398635

The big news this week is that scientists have now ‘seen the unseeable’, they have taken an ‘image’ of a black hole. Wonder of wonders a black hole is actually shaped liked a donut with some sort of yellow radiation coming out of it. How convenient for them that this donut shaped blackhole was actually facing directly at Earth so we could see the lovely black hole inside. If this yellow radiation had actually been coming out of the black hole and covered it like a ball then we would not have been able to see the lovely black hole inside.

The problem is that this image actually contradicts everything we currently know about radio waves. For a start radiowaves have to be emitted by some sort of pulsating energy source, normally alternating current (AC) in an antenna. Where is the pulsating energy source in a blackhole?? Also the gravity is supposed to be so intense in a black hole that light (electromagnetic radiation) cannot escape from it. Yet here we see all this lovely EMR escaping from this blackhole in the shape of a Dinky Donut. The other problem is that with the donut facing us like this all that yellow EMR is not actually headed towards planet Earth. There’s no way they could have ‘received’ that EMR in their radio telescopes.

What’s happened here is that all these radio telescopes that have been coordinated on Earth to create one ‘virtual’ telescope pointing at the blackhole have actually just received radiowaves coming from behind this blackhole from all directions of the heavens and then they have done an artist’s impression of the blackhole in Adobe Photoshop. These people will probably get the Nobel Prize for this magnificent scientific discovery and it is a total scam.

On Twitter @spiritualgenome - EMR from strong source of radiowaves behind is bending around the to create Dinky Donut halo effect This proves exist & Einstein General Relativity. We'll win two

On Twitter 4/18/2019 @spiritualgenome -  said fuzzy doughnut-shaped ring of gas and dust surrounds I tweet it's EMR bending around from behind and now everybody 'knows' its Einsteins General Relativity

On Twitter 4/19/2019 @spiritualgenome -  acts as a lens focusing radiowaves bending around it no matter what direction you view it from. is the eye of Sauron

homer and blackhole Sauron and blackhole trump and blackhole


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sugar code on cells

An article in New Scientist 27 March 2019 “The sugary language of our cells is giving us a new kind of medicine” demonstrates the fundamental problem that we have in scientific discoveries. These people are chemists and they are telling us that our cells use a sugar code more complex than DNA to identify and interact with each other. It turns out that every type of cell in our bodies has a unique sugar coating. And whenever anything interacts with a cell, it must recognise that sugar code and use the appropriate secret handshake.

The sugar code, known as the glycome, contains tens of different sugars that fit together in branched strings called glycans. Reading the sugar code isn’t just a case of decoding it letter by letter, but recognising the shape of each sugar and understanding what it means. That is hard. “It was so much easier to build on the DNA code, to develop tools for genomics,” says Godula.

The things that latch on to cell surface sugars in nature – the hands that do the grabbing – are proteins called lectins, which have internal cavities that fit snugly around specific sugars. We began to map out which lectins they paired with. In 2002, Ten Feizi at Imperial College London and her colleagues came up with the idea of fixing hundreds of individual sugars to a plate, then washing all sorts of lectins and other molecules over them to see which would bind. These microarrays marked the start of an automated approach to understanding the glycome.

I won’t bore you with anymore of this nonsense. What these people don’t realize is that sugar molecules are soluble in water and that the living cell in vivo is surrounded with water. They take these microarrays and dry them out and they find all sorts of weird bindings between hard sugar crystals and these lectins and they say this is some sort of a code. Above is a photo they present of all the sugar crystals on the surface of a cell. But the fact is that in vivo they are just an ion rich liquid medium that is conducting electricity.

Ions are quantum particles and they are governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. What these people are actually describing, their new ‘code’, is just a routine process in quantum biology. That photo above would be like looking at a teaspoon of sugar crystals and from that explaining what damage a bottle of Coke is doing to your body.

The sugary language of our cells is giving us a new kind of medicine

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