global warming

the fact that there are fossil fuels means there has always been climate change

seashells in the desert in Utah and Arizona and Sahara caused by climate change

the world entered an Ice Age and then gradually warmed and is still warming


A research paper published in prestigious scientific journal Nature has offered a new cause of global-warming and the scientific community don’t like it. It upsets all their theories about carbon emissions and the burning of fossil fuels (the so-called green-house emissions) and upsets all their fictitiously and imaginatively crafted computer-models that they are indoctrinating the school-children with as being the holy grail that the ecologically responsible should regurgitate by rote.

This new theory argues that it is actually solar cycles that are responsible for global warming and that it’s got nothing to do with green-house emissions. The orthodox theory is that this global warming only started in recent times and that it is the humans burning fossil fuels that is doing it. In other words the orthodox theory totally ignores that fact that there once was an Ice Age and for us to actually emerge from the Ice Age the world has had to be gradually warming ever since. The orthodox theory assumes that the world emerged from the Ice Age for reason or reasons unknown and then miraculously the climate of the Earth became totally stable until the industrial revolution which was energized by the burning of coal. And presto we have global warming.

If the orthodox ecologically responsible scientists bothered to read something other than their own peer-reviewed scientific literature they might find that in fact the world has been gradually warming ever since the Ice Age. For instance if they read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon they would learn that 2000 years ago the rivers Rhine Danube Seine and Thames were all frozen solid in winter. They would learn that it was so cold in the Mediterranean that the warring armies had to call a truce till Spring. They would learn that Greece and Syria were snowbound in winter. If they read Plato they would learn that Socrates had the quaint habit of standing all night in the snow on one bare foot while he was contemplating his profundities. I estimate that the average winter temperature in western Europe has risen about 20 degrees Celsius in the past 2000 years.

A simple Google search reveals “Over the last 150 years, carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations have risen from 280 to nearly 380 parts per million (ppm). The fact that this is due virtually entirely to human activities is so well established that one rarely sees it questioned.” And the ecologically responsible scientists seem to think that that fact alone is the cause of the fact that the world is nowhere near as cold as it used to be. They have no proof whatsoever that this infinitesimally small increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the reason the principal rivers in western Europe never freeze rock solid in winter anymore.

This new research paper actually brings us hope. The mere fact that there was an Ice Age means that the world climate is going in cycles; that it is not totally static. According to this new theory long-term oscillations of the solar background magnetic field are correlated with cyclical increases in solar irradiance and this is what is causing the current increase in terrestrial temperatures. This theory correlates the cold period talked about by Gibbon in ancient Greece and Rome to “Homer's grand solar minimum” which is included in their predictions. According to this theory the global temperature will continue to increase another 2.5 degrees Celsius for another six centuries (till 2600 C.E) and then will begin to decrease again. This theory actually gives us hope for the future but the ecologically responsible mainstream scientists don’t want to hear a word of it. It makes their imaginative speculative and totally fictitious computer simulations totally superfluous.

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