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I am giving a lecture at the Internationaler Hypnosekongress in Zurich in November entitled "Contemporary Examples of Animal Magnetism" dealing with these two fascinating cult leaders that are facing trial in the United States - Elizabeth Holmes with the Theranos scam and Keith Raniere the "Vanguard" of the NXIVM cult that was branding his initials into the pelvic area of his sex slaves.  https://hypnosekongress.net/speaker/bradley-bartholomew/

The full text of the lecture appears here. Download PDF file

The handout at the poster presentation at the 43rd SPR INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE to be held at Holiday Inn, Leicester 20th to 22nd September 2019.


Bradley York Bartholomew

Independent Researcher, France

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In 2014, a research paper was published in Nature Genetics entitled Remote Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis Using Genetically Encoded Nanoparticles which launched a new direction in optogenetics which is known as radiogenetics.1  Radiogenetics will make it possible to remotely control biological targets in living animals without wires, implants, or drugs. A research team at Rockefeller University used electromagnetic waves to turn on insulin production to lower blood sugar in diabetic mice. A naturally occurring iron storage particle in the body, ferritin, when exposed to a radiowave or a magnetic field can activate an ion channel called TRPVI which in turn leads to the activation of an insulin producing gene. These two proteins, ferritin, and TRPVI acting together as a nano-machine can be used to trigger gene expression in vivo. And it is all done by radiowaves.

Interestingly the researchers were able to achieve the same result by manipulating the ferritin with a magnetic field, which obviously recalls the theories of Franz Mesmer in the 18th century about animal magnetism and the magnetic cure. It could well be the case that a hypnotist is able to channel his/her brain waves which are ELF radio waves to manipulate the ferritin in the cells and genes of his/her subjects. Mesmer himself stated that the magnets were immaterial to his treatment and what was essential was his state of mind towards the patient. He was willing the patient to be healed and there is a reasonable amount of authority for the proposition that the brainwaves (ELF radiowaves) of healer and patient become synchronized.2,3 Indeed one-on-one interlocution or close contact in general seems to have a mutual effect on the brain waves of the participants.4 I stress that this new research used low-frequency radio waves and that is precisely what brainwaves are, and that they apparently act in exactly the same way as a magnetic field.

This year has seen a revolution in brainwave research. A research paper Towards reconstructing intelligible speech from the human auditory cortex used a DNN (AI Deeplearning Device) to read the brainwaves produced by words that the subject had heard rather than spoken.5 This is literally the start of mind-reading technology. And Elon Musk’s initiative to make EEG electrodes a thousand times more sensitive and insert them into the brain like a nano sim card in a mobile phone recognizes that brainwaves are ELF radiowaves generated by the brain for the purpose of communication.

The essential point that I want to make here is that the brain is a sophisticated electronic device, and consciousness is generated by electronics and is essentially the same as what happens when the screen lights up on your mobile phone. This explains how the brainwaves of healer/hypnotist and patient become synchronized. Essentially the brains of all living creatures are connected at the cellular and genetic level via brain waves (ELF radiowaves) just like all wirelessly connected electronic devices. Mesmer's animal magnetism is no different from what happens when you wave your credit card over a wireless payment device. Subconsciously we are reading each other’s animal magnetism as if we were wirelessly reading the balance on their credit card.


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An article in New Scientist on 28/8/19 entitled - Inside China's attempt to boost crop yields with electric fields - reviews all the attempts that have been made over the years to make plants grow quicker by exposing them to electric fields. Their conclusion is that it is clear that electric fields do affect plant growth but the results are unpredictable and erratic, and they don't actually know what processes are involved.

What follows is an email that I sent to the author's of this artcile and to various scientists that are named in the article:

I read this article in New Scientist and strangely I did not see any mention of magnetic fields or low frequency radiowaves. You do know about radiogenetics I hope. There is a research paper in Nature Genetics entitled -Remote Control of Glucose Homeostasis using Genetically Encoded Nanoparticles - where it is found that low frequency radiowaves act in exactly the same way as a magnetic field to manipulate the ferritin to open the TRPV1 ion channel that allows calcium ions to flow into the cell and trigger the expression of genes.
Not only does an electric current create a magnetic field but an alternating current (AC) emits radiowaves at same frequency as the current. 
Attached is a talk I am giving about this at Internationaler Hypnosekongress in Zurich in November. The talk is about the revolution in brainwave research that are likewise ELF radiowaves that can act in exactly the same way as a magnetic field. Go figure!


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