play video games with the mind

How you and your friends can play a video game together using only your minds


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I wish to present a specific model that consciousness is generated by electronics, that our brain is an electronic device and that the brains of living creatures are connected electronic devices. Firstly the neural network is an integrated circuit. The neurons are logic gates that are either on or off; If they are on then an action potential will flow along the axon. This integrated circuit generates ELF radiowaves (brainwaves) in the following ways, 1. Ions flow thru the axon membrane as the action potential proceeds, 2. Orch-OR microtubule quantum vibrations generate EEG beat frequencies, 3. tPMET (trans-plasma membrane electron transfer) generates ELF radiowaves from the cytoplasm of the neuron. The specific neurons that fire will then generate a specific brainwave (EEG) frequency depending amongst other things on the speed of the action potential (some axons are myelinated) and this specific brainwave frequency contains information (signals) internally in the neural circuit and externally to other brains (electronic devices). These external brainwaves are normally received unconsciously by other brains, but they can be boosted in which case they are received consciously.


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I have a theory about consciousness I would like to share. Consciousness is generated by electronics and that brains are connected electronic devices. This comes from my theories about Franz Mesmer. What started me on this was following research paper on radiogenetics. Note this is opening ion channels and is a nano-machine. A nano-machine opening ion channels by radiowaves has got electronics written all over it. A research team at Rockefeller University used electromagnetic waves to turn on insulin production to lower blood sugar in diabetic mice. A naturally occurring iron storage particle in the body, ferritin, when exposed to a radiowave or a magnetic field can activate an ion channel called TRPVI which in turn leads to the activation of an insulin producing gene. These two proteins, ferritin, and TRPVI acting together as a nano-machine can be used to trigger gene expression in vivo. And it is all done by radiowaves. (Stanley, S. A., Sauer, J., Kane, R. S., Dordick, J. S. & Friedman, J. M. (2014). Remote Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis Using Genetically Encoded Nanoparticles. Nature Medicine, 21, 92-98.) Also I am looking into tPMET (trans-plasma membrane electron transfer) They have picked this up with cancer cells that are giving off excessive electrical activity but it now appears that healthy cells have electron transfer from the inside to the outside of the cell which is probably involved in communication among cells and which would also be transmitting EMR (brainwaves). Indeed the EMR given off by tPMET probably is the communication between the cells!

These days there are all sorts of BCIs (brain-computer interfaces) and neural prosthetics where brain waves are carrying information. Technology has started to read thoughts directly from brainwaves and people are playing computer games just using their mind i.e. they're thinking about the moves. Experts have been telling me that brainwaves are caused by the movement of ions thru the membranes of the axon of neurons and it is true that the movement of ions thru membranes would give off EMR, but it's hard to see how the movement of ions could give off different frequencies for different states alpha beta etc and more precisely how this movement could carry precise information about specific thoughts. Ten years from now there will be quite sophisticated and accurate mind reading technology from brainwaves and for that to happen there has to be some correlation between the precise thought/word and the precise neuronal group that produces that precise word/thought. This can only come from the cytoskeleton of specific neurons and that means microtubules. Which recalls Orch-OR statement that microtubule quantum vibrations influence EEG beat frequencies. Microtubules have a potential difference and the core contains highly ionized water so it is effectively a nanotube that's conducting electricity and that is going to transmit and receive EMR. The cytoskeleton of the neuron is buzzing with electrical actvity that would be giving off brainwaves (ELF radiowaves).

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