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The big news this week is that scientists have now ‘seen the unseeable’, they have taken an ‘image’ of a black hole. Wonder of wonders a black hole is actually shaped liked a donut with some sort of yellow radiation coming out of it. How convenient for them that this donut shaped blackhole was actually facing directly at Earth so we could see the lovely black hole inside. If this yellow radiation had actually been coming out of the black hole and covered it like a ball then we would not have been able to see the lovely black hole inside.

The problem is that this image actually contradicts everything we currently know about radio waves. For a start radiowaves have to be emitted by some sort of pulsating energy source, normally alternating current (AC) in an antenna. Where is the pulsating energy source in a blackhole?? Also the gravity is supposed to be so intense in a black hole that light (electromagnetic radiation) cannot escape from it. Yet here we see all this lovely EMR escaping from this blackhole in the shape of a Dinky Donut. The other problem is that with the donut facing us like this all that yellow EMR is not actually headed towards planet Earth. There’s no way they could have ‘received’ that EMR in their radio telescopes.

What’s happened here is that all these radio telescopes that have been coordinated on Earth to create one ‘virtual’ telescope pointing at the blackhole have actually just received radiowaves coming from behind this blackhole from all directions of the heavens and then they have done an artist’s impression of the blackhole in Adobe Photoshop. These people will probably get the Nobel Prize for this magnificent scientific discovery and it is a total scam.

On Twitter @spiritualgenome - EMR from strong source of radiowaves behind is bending around the to create Dinky Donut halo effect This proves exist & Einstein General Relativity. We'll win two

On Twitter 4/18/2019 @spiritualgenome -  said fuzzy doughnut-shaped ring of gas and dust surrounds I tweet it's EMR bending around from behind and now everybody 'knows' its Einsteins General Relativity

On Twitter 4/19/2019 @spiritualgenome -  acts as a lens focusing radiowaves bending around it no matter what direction you view it from. is the eye of Sauron

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