A Review of Psi Activity in the DNA

Abstract This paper presents a general summary of psi experiments conducted with the DNA in the latter decades of the 20th Century particularly at the HeartMath Institute (HMI) in Boulder Creek, CA, by Dr. Glen Rein, relating to the ability of “healers” to affect the conformation of the DNA molecule simply by concentrating their mental and emotional powers of the brain and heart. In particular it was found that the intentional states of healers could change the molecular structure of water which in turn could alter the conformation of the DNA. Further to these findings about the relationship between water and DNA, this paper discusses a journal article by a team led by 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine recipient Dr. Luc Montagnier, which describes an electromagnetic field in the DNA that is capable of being projected into water and which contains all the information of its sequence of bases in memory, and is capable of reconstructing itself into the identical chemical molecule; provided the ambient electromagnetic environment in the water is maintained at a frequency of not less than 7Hz which is in the same frequency window as Alpha rhythm brainwaves and the natural Schumann resonance of the Earth. This paper goes on to discuss new research in optogenetics where human beings have been able to modify gene expression with their Alpha rhythm and Mu rhythm brainwaves in the same frequency window as the Schumann resonance, simply by adopting different mental states, and takes note of the fact that these same Alpha and mu rhythms are the main conduit frequency for Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs). The paper presents a general summary of earlier research relating to psi phenomena resulting from interference of brainwaves with the Schumann resonance, and proposes a novel explanation for the recently discovered “mirror neurons” phenomena where the Mu rhythm brainwaves emanating from the motor cortex are able to interfere constructively or destructively with the Schumann resonance of same frequency and thus bring about mental telepathic as well as psychokinesis happenings.

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Radio Signals from the DNA: A Philosophical Issue

Abstract: This paper discusses the nature of electromagnetic radio signals and summarizes the advances in optogenetics and radiogenetics that have found a substantial number of genes in both humans and other species that can be activated by electromagnetic signals ranging from extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves through to infrared radio waves as well as visible light and ultra-violet (UV) tremendously high frequency (THF) radio waves. The paper discusses the advances in nanotechnology where DNA is now being used in its capacity as a nanoscale semiconductor to act as the scaffold for supporting nanoscale integrated circuits. The research findings are presented that the DNA in vivo when it is immersed in water acts as a conducting nanowire with an alternating current (AC). It is proposed that when there is an alternating current (AC) in the DNA it will be emitting electromagnetic radio waves at the same frequency as the alternating current. In addition, it is noted that brainwaves are extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves and that the DNA as a conducting nanowire would act as a receiver or antenna for these ELF radio waves whereupon an alternating current would be generated in the DNA.

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burgerThere is a new field of study called neurogastronomy and it is now known that when you sit down in your favorite fast food joint and savor the delicious aroma of your Big Mac and fries or your chicken McNuggets or your KFC hot and spicy what actually happens is that a certain gene is expressed in the odor receptors in your nose and it is precisely this genetic process which stimulates your taste buds and makes you want to wolf it all down. When the gene is expressed (and there is a specific gene for every conceivable taste and smell) it synthesizes a protein in one or some of the 350 odor receptors in your nose and it is this protein (and not the actual smell) which generates electrical signals that are transmitted to the olfactory cortex in your brain and causes the neurons to synapse that eventually allow you to become conscious of smelling this delicious food. There is an “odor barcode” in the DNA that literally tells you what that food you are eating smells and tastes like.

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