Inner Self Located

Sufficient is now known from neurophysiology and electroencephalography to pinpoint the part of the brain that operates during sleep. It is the purpose of this article to review Hindu Philosophy (as expounded in the Upanishads) on the subject of sleep and ask the question whether the part of the brain that operates during sleep is the part of the brain where the Self resides. It will be shown that the Scriptures abound with clues as to the precise location of the Self and just a basic knowledge of neurophysiology and electroencephalography is sufficient to interpret these clues, at which stage they become veritable signposts pointing in the right direction.

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The Sweat Factor in Bikram Yoga

Abstract It is common ground that the practice of hatha yoga will yield many health benefits, both physical and mental. Much of the recent research on hatha yoga has focused on Bikram Yoga, which differs from other forms of hatha yoga by virtue of it being practiced in an elevated ambient temperature which occasions profuse sweating, and is generally referred to as ‘hot yoga’. Much of the recent research tends to be negative about this form of yoga, for instance Bikram yoga doesn’t assist in removing impurities from the body, doesn’t increase aerobic fitness and doesn’t yield any more benefits, physically or mentally, than other schools of hatha yoga.

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The Evolution of Consciousness

Abstract This paper presents a new and positive theory of evolution, as distinct from instancing certain unique features of the phenotype of whatever species, and asking the question ‘How could this come about by natural selection of random genetic mutations’.

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